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Electrical & Mains Power Cables

Electrical and mains power cables are present in all applications that require power or lighting. Used to connect mains sockets, lighting, switches and more, electrical cords are essential to build an electrical infrastructure in any building.

Available with solid or stranded conductors with a varying number of cores, voltage and current ratings as well as various sheathing materials, choosing the correct cable is vital to ensuring a safe installation. Twin and earth is some of the most commonly used cord found in both residential and commercial applications and comes in a range of ratings.

Sheath Material

Mains cables vary from lightweight for standard applications, to robust for heavy duty applications. Most mains power cables are available with PVC, rubber or CPE sheaths. The outer sheath material assists in determining the environment and applications suitable for the cable.

Some examples include:

Rubber Cables

• H05RR-F – Lightweight rubber sheath

• H07RN-F – Heavy duty in indoor and outdoor environments

• H07ZZ-F – Low smoke halogen free

• H01N2-D – Rubber sheath welding cable

• H07RN8-F – Submersible cable for use in water up to 10 metres

• H07BN4-F – Heavy duty double insulated rubber cable

PVC Cables

• H05V-K / H07V-K

• H03VV-F (218-Y) - Domestic applications and light portable appliances such as radios and lamps

• H05VV-F (318-Y) - Household appliances such as washing machines and fridges

• H07V-K (tri-rated cable) - panel wire capable of withstanding continuous temperatures as high as 105oC

• H03VVH2-F (2192Y) - 300/300V voltage rating flexible PVC cable used for indoor applications

• H05VVH6-F - conveyor and lift equipment

Other Types

In addition to the harmonised cables, other types are available that include:

• Curly flux – A spiral structured, extendable mains cable

• NYM-J – fixed wiring cable for domestic and industrial applications

• NYY-J – fixed wiring cable for areas of no mechanical stress


• Industrial and commercial installations

• Residential infrastructure

• Power cable

• Lighting cable

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