GSM & GPRS Antennas

Antennas are a vital component in any wireless technology. The products within GSM Antennas are optimised for the transmission and receiving of radio signals across the various mobile communication bands.

They are generally optimised to cover a range of radio frequencies. For example, a 2G antenna might be optimised to cover 850 MHz to 960 MHz and 1.7 GHz to 2.2 GHz.

Each country has its own mobile networks and the frequencies used will vary. There are worldwide standards for telecommunications - Global System for Mobile Communications - GSM.

Mobile communications have evolved rapidly and there are now a huge number of different standards. The first generation covered just voice. 2G brought full duplex voice then General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) - basic data which evolved into EDGE. 3G enhanced the data speeds and reliability with 3GPP and UMTS. The current 4G uses the LTE Advanced standard.

These antennas are available in a range of shapes and styles to suit your application including:

  • Whip antenna
  • Stubby antenna
  • Puck antenna
  • Shark fin antenna
  • T-Bar antenna

The most common mounting options include; adhesive mount, magnetic mount and bolted. These antennas are available with a wide range of connectors; FME, SMA, IPEX, UFL, and some supplied with a length of cable. We also supply antennas which can be integrated directly onto the PCB - SMT Antennas.

GSM Antennas are often used with a GSM and GPRS Modem or a GSM and GPRS Module to connect remote equipment back to a central server:

  • Weather Stations
  • Parking Meters
  • Vehicles
  • Pumping Stations
  • Vending Machines

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Description Price Internal/External RF Protocols Antenna Physical Form Supported Frequency Bands Antenna Mounting Type Connector Type Gain Includes Lead Antenna Directivity Connector Gender Lead Length Antenna Internal Construction Series
RS Stock No. 170-9102
Mfr. Part No.FWB235164-SM-2K
kr 130,108
Each (In a Bag of 5)
- 2G (GSM/GPRS) Puck 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz Through Hole/Bolted SMA 0dBi Yes - Male 2m Dipole -
RS Stock No. 133-6541
Mfr. Part No.CLTM302-9Y9Y-WHT-12
kr 997,90
External 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (UTMS), 4G (LTE) Dome 1710 → 3700 MHz, 694 → 960 MHz Through Hole/Bolted N Type 4dBi Yes - Female 300mm - -
RS Stock No. 137-2779
Mfr. Part No.ANT-3GHEL2R-SMA
kr 38,78
1 Bag of 1
- 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (UTMS) Stubby - Direct SMA 2dBi - - Male - Monopole -
RS Stock No. 140-8048
Mfr. Part No.MIKE2A/3M/LL1/SMAM/S/S/26
kr 116,55
1 Bag of 1
External 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (UTMS) Whip 2.1 GHz, 850 MHz, 868 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz Magnetic SMA 5dBi Yes - Male 3m Dipole MIKE 2A
RS Stock No. 188-1505
Mfr. Part No.211297-3000
kr 264,70
External - - 1561.098 → 1575.42 MHz, 1710 → 2690 MHz, 824 → 960 MHz - - - Yes - - 3m - 211297
RS Stock No. 762-0083
kr 127,72
- 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (UTMS) T-Bar - Adhesive FME 3dBi Yes - Female 3m - -
RS Stock No. 896-8272
Mfr. Part No.ECHO12/x/x/S/S/3
kr 76,87
Internal 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (UTMS) Square 2.1 GHz, 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz - SMT - No - - - - ECHO 12
RS Stock No. 537-779
Mfr. Part No.FTA35011-FM-RA
kr 92,52
External 2G (GSM/GPRS) Stubby 1710 → 1990 MHz, 806 → 960 MHz Direct FME 1dBi No - Female - - -
RS Stock No. 186-5526
Mfr. Part No.206640-0001
kr 41,822
Each (In a Tray of 50)
- - - 1558 → 1607 MHz - - - - - - - - 206640
RS Stock No. 186-5525
Mfr. Part No.207235-0100
kr 13,266
Each (In a Tray of 16)
- - - 824 → 2170 MHz - - - - - - - - 207235
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