Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are an excellent way of storing a multitude of items, whether that is in the home, office or a factory. They can be:
• Small, medium, large or extra-large storage boxes with or without lids
• Cheap storage boxes
• Plastic stacking boxes
• Available in various colours
• Heavy duty plastic storage boxes
• Folding container or a crate
• Ergonomically designed

Storage boxes are reusable, durable and come in various sizes and colours which makes them a great choice for storing in any industry. As a guide RS offers the following sizes:
• Small – up to 15 litres volume capacity
• Medium – 16 to 35 litres volume capacity
• Large – 36 to 80 litres volume capacity
• Extra large – 81 litres and over volume capacity

Some storage boxes come with wheels and lids which can be removed or hinged and can even be locked with a padlock.
One of the great things about storage boxes is their ability to be stacked which makes them versatile in any environment or application and strong enough to take a person’s weight.

Types of storage boxes

Stack nest crates – Can be securely stacked when in use or nested within each other to save space when not in use.
Rigid pallet containers – Do not fold down like some other containers do but they are easy to clean and still easily stackable. They offer excellent protection of the goods from any damage.
Foldable containers – Can be large so when they are not in use the ability to fold them down and store them away is necessary.
Tamper-evident attached lid containers – If there is a need for secure distribution then tamper evident storage boxes are an ideal way of protecting the contents.
Euro Containers – boxes and crates that are designed to fit on Standard European Size pallets

Uses of storage boxes
The food processing industry is an area where storage boxes can be put to good use. There is a requirement for packaging that is not only strong and hygienic but also resistant to harsh environments. Food is required to be kept fresh and in good condition when it gets to the supermarket shelf. Once in the supermarkets the storage containers minimise damage and enable the produce to be moved around easily.
Another industry where storage boxes are used is in manufacturing which covers a multitude of markets including pharmaceuticals, recycling, textiles and aerospace. Modern warehouses require modern handling and storage solutions which provide consistency and reliability.

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Description Price Lid Type Height Width Depth Volume Capacity Colour Box Size Lockable Material Vented Euro Box Stackable
RS Stock No. 712-7446
Mfr. Part No.AT433104AA
kr 210,562
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Attached 400mm 300mm 306mm 25L Blue Medium - PP - - -
RS Stock No. 303-4769
Mfr. Part No.R21C27.P5
kr 244,98
Hinged 186mm 300mm 400mm 15L Grey Small - - - - -
RS Stock No. 877-6764
Mfr. Part No.7866005522
kr 486,79
No Lid 319mm 800mm 600mm 125L Grey - - - - - -
RS Stock No. 877-6742
Mfr. Part No.9970004522
kr 165,645
Each (In a Pack of 2)
No Lid 120mm 600mm 400mm 21L Grey Medium - - - - -
RS Stock No. 331-7288
Mfr. Part No.R61087.50
kr 280,045
Each (In a Pack of 2)
Removable 33mm 600mm 800mm - Grey - - PE - - -
RS Stock No. 877-6733
Mfr. Part No.9251001522
kr 136,347
Each (In a Pack of 3)
No Lid 118mm 400mm 300mm 10L Grey Small - PP - - -
RS Stock No. 712-7452
Mfr. Part No.AT643604AA
kr 350,736
Each (In a Pack of 5)
Attached 600mm 400mm 365mm 65L Blue Large - PP - - -
RS Stock No. 877-6730
Mfr. Part No.7960004522
kr 165,645
Each (In a Pack of 2)
No Lid 235mm 400mm 300mm 20L Grey Medium - - - - -
RS Stock No. 877-6736
Mfr. Part No.7954004522
kr 148,007
Each (In a Pack of 3)
No Lid 175mm 400mm 300mm 15L Grey Small - - - - -
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