Storage Racks


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Beskrivelse Pris Height Width Depth Material Colour
RS-lagernummer 794-7849
Producentens varenummerCKS.08
kr 60,16
38mm 238mm 50mm Thermoplastic Red
RS-lagernummer 326-8726
BrandRS Pro
kr 2 535,24
900mm 600mm 600mm - Blue
RS-lagernummer 326-8710
BrandRS Pro
kr 4 076,51
1832mm 840mm 890mm Steel Blue

Storage Racks

Ideal for warehouse, industry and even small workshops, storage racks are the perfect way to store and tidy a variety of materials.

Storing lengths of timber, metal and plastic pipes as well as sheet materials such as plywood, steel and plasterboard can all be made easier with secure racking systems.

When buying a racking system also consider its intended use in both material uses and space to be used in. Horizontal units allow storage for longer length materials where height is minimal with vertical units allowing easier access to materials as they are stood side by side rather than one on another.

Always follow manufacturer's guidelines for weight and always distribute materials evenly for stability