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    Adjustment Levers

    Adjustment levers are multi-purpose handles that allow quick and easy release or secure locking where frequent movement and adjustment are required. They can be used across a wide range of industry applications and are suitable for sensitive applications under lab conditions or in wet areas such as would be found in the beverage industry.

    How do adjustment levers work?

    Adjustment levers enable the readjustment of a clamping element by easy exchange of the cylinder screw. You can fix the clamping lever into the position you want by lifting the grip and freeing the serrated toothing. The grip then moves into its original position when it's released.

    Types of adjustment levers

    Adjustment levers are relatively simple devices. They're designed with different thread and handle lengths and come in a variety of handle and screw materials to suit a range of fittings. Typically, the screws in adjustment levers are made of stainless steel. Handles can be made from steel galvanised with zinc, or from a polymer such as polyamide.

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