ESD Grounding Accessories

ESD (electrostatic discharge) grounding accessories are components within ESD grounding loops. They're used in workplaces where sensitive electronic equipment must be protected from static electricity, or where there's a danger of flammable liquids or gases igniting.

ESD protection is achieved by electrical grounding. Grounding accessories are components that may be required as part of an entire ESD grounding system. They're often used to connect and integrate ESD-safe mats, ESD continuous monitors, wrist straps, ESD safe shoe covers and other apparel, or ESD-safe surfaces.

What are ESD grounding accessories used for?

ESD grounding accessories form part of a workplace safety system to monitor and/or eliminate the build-up or discharge of static electricity that may pose a risk to electrical components such as computer hard drives.

Types of ESD grounding accessories

Available accessories include a range of connectors, bonding points, bonding plugs, bonding boxes, bonding brackets, earthing wires, individual replacement snap studs, stud installation tools, earth stud kits, crocodile clips and a variety of adaptors such as stud-to-banana sockets.

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RS Stock No. 392-135
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Earth Bonding Box 10mm x 2 4m Socket x 1 Ring Terminal - Yes
RS Stock No. 2508946588
Mfr. Part No.09782
kr 36,72
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