Reflow Ovens

What is Reflow Oven? A reflow oven is a machine utilized essentially for reflow fastening of surface mount electronic segments to printed circuit sheets (PCB).Features and benefits: The heat is distributed by forced convection It includes the memorisation of 10 programmes, the advice visualisation by LCD display and 5 connections in front face: 3 for flexible thermocouples, 1 for printer and 1 for computer Complete view of the card through large window Compatible for high temperature alloys, above all lead free Heat through forced convection Temperature control by microprocessor Easy of use Tests printing in which you can add comments

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Description Price Useful Reflow Surface Dimensions Supply Voltage Height Length Width Maximum Operating Temperature Program Memory Size
RS Stock No. 539-3874
Mfr. Part No.F31112
kr 49 602,84
350 x 400mm 600 x 525 x 350mm 230V 350mm 600mm 525mm +300°C 10
RS Stock No. 130-0859
Mfr. Part No.V900320
kr 20 440,59
190 x 290mm - 230V ac - - - +300°C 10