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    PCB Card Guides

    PCB card guides are vertical or horizontal mount card guides designed to solve printed circuit board insertion and extraction problems. These problems can occur when removing large PCBs and tight-gripping multi-pin edge connectors.

    Why use PCB card guides?

    PCB card guides are easy to use and install. They protect PCBs from stress for easy insertion and extraction of PCBs, components, and connectors. They are available in multipacks and have adhesive backs as well as lock and unlock functions to hold the PCB securely in place. PCB card guides also help to eliminate any bending of boards and they can be designed to conduct and dissipate heat.

    What are the different types of PCB card guides?

    PCB guides are designed to fit different board sizes and can be used for paired, gang or tandem mounting. They are also frequently used to save space, meeting the increasing need to support PCBs mounted in a vertical position. Horizontal PCB card guides are for backplane daughter cards and parallel mounting of peripheral devices.

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