PCB Mounting Blocks

PCB mounting blocks are devices used to mount small panels and PCBs (printed circuit boards) to chassis within equipment modules.

How do PCB mounting blocks work?

A PCB mounting block is used for interconnecting solderless connectors to a PCB. The mounting block provides electrical as well as mechanical connections between the chassis and the board. PCB mounting blocks are usually fitted with screw holes to ensure a steady and secure fit. They’re available in several different materials such as brass, nylon, and plastic.

There are multiple types of mounting blocks, used for varying purposes. A vertical mounting block, for example, will help to attach a PCB vertically at a right angle to a chassis within the equipment. Boards are designed for various self tapping screw sizes to suit different applications.

Applications for PCB mounting blocks

PCB mounting blocks are used in a wide range of industries that use PCBs as the basic building blocks of their products, including:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Health
  • Banking
  • Restaurant applications
  • Automotive
  • Defense

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Description Price Material For Screw Size
RS Stock No. 487-583
Mfr. Part No.60807-211
kr 242,25
1 Bag of 10
Plastic M2.5
RS Stock No. 303-5330
Mfr. Part No.PCB MB 01
kr 138,29
1 Bag of 100
Nylon M3