Wiring Plates

Wiring plates are components that facilitate the construction of prototype printed circuit boards or experimental circuits. They allow you to test and modify a circuit or device prior to any mass programming or assembly.

What are wiring plates used for?

Wiring plates are mainly used by small-time electronics builders, electrical engineers and IT designers to manually test experimental circuits and devices. Testing, modifying and debugging is a fundamental element of prototyping any device.

Types of wiring plates

Wiring plates come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. They can be unclad or copper clad on one or both sides. 'Punchboard' wiring plates come pre-punched with a certain number of holes, which can vary in size or pattern, to accommodate through hole components.

Wiring plates can be made from different materials, such as phenolic and epoxy glass composite. Epoxy glass is the most widely used material for the production of these products because it resists high pressure and has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

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