Dust Mops & Sweepers


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Beskrivelse Pris Type Head Width Replaceable Head Telescopic Handle Trade Name
RS-lagernummer 146-2781
Producentens varenummerFG421388BLA
kr 710,40
Sweeper 191mm - - -
RS-lagernummer 146-2949
Producentens varenummer15451260
kr 2 413,15
- 300mm Yes Yes -
RS-lagernummer 146-2779
Producentens varenummerFG421288BLA
kr 532,62
Sweeper 165mm - - -
RS-lagernummer 794-6925
Producentens varenummerFGQ85200WH00
kr 218,11
Dust Mop - Yes Yes Hygen
RS-lagernummer 794-8031
Producentens varenummerFGQ96958YL00
kr 1 107,15
Sweeper 12.4mm Yes - Pulse
RS-lagernummer 705-6255
BrandRS Pro
kr 251,70
Dust Mop 600mm Yes Yes -
RS-lagernummer 705-6252
BrandRS Pro
kr 984,56
Dust Mop 1600mm Yes - -
RS-lagernummer 123-6016
Producentens varenummerFG421588BLA
kr 843,90
Sweeper 241mm - - -
RS-lagernummer 218-6780
Producentens varenummerRS/MOP.04
BrandRS Pro
kr 67,89
Sponge - - - -
RS-lagernummer 721-6596
Producentens varenummerMSW385
kr 945,76
Magnetic Sweeper 385mm - Yes -

Dust Mops & Sweepers

Dust mops and sweepers have the same functionality, with the difference that a dust mop is manual and a sweeper is mechanical. Sweepers and dust mops still rely on a manual element. They are both used for cleaning and dusting floor surfaces but a dust mop with a long handle can also dust walls, ceilings and high places.
Dust mops and sweepers are used for dry dusting only. Dust Mops and Sweepers can be used anywhere at home, commercially, on most environments. Dust mops and sweepers require no mains power source to operate they are economic and efficient to use. There are models that are battery operated and rechargeable.

Features & Benefits:
• Mostly made from micro-fibre material
• Attracts and holds onto dust and dust particles
• The heads of dust mops are fairly flat
• Dust heads and the covers can be removed for easy cleaning
• Shake the dust from the mop head into a waste bin or outside
• Dust mop heads and covers can be washed (refer to manufacturers washing instructions)
• Easy maintenance
• Manually operated
• Remove the dust by shaking the mop head or vacuum
• Dust mops normally are long handled and adjustable
• Enables dusting of floors, walls ceilings, hard to reach places
• Ensure that Dust mops are dry before use
• Best used on solid hard surfaces
• Replaceable mop heads

Features of Dust Sweepers:
• Mechanical action
• Manually operated – push back and forth across a surface
• Some models of Sweeper are battery operated. These models are normally rechargeable
• Sweeps the dust, debris and dirt particles inside the sweeper where it is held until emptied into a bin
• Easy to empty
• Use on hard floors and carpets
• Sweepers can be used for cleaning up small spills
• Low profile designs
• Uses soft rubber wheels to move
• Normally has a rubber bumper to prevent damage to furniture
• Some models are fitted with telescopic handle for hard to reach areas – under furniture

Types of Dust Mop / Sweeper
• Magnetic
• Standard Sweeper
• Standard dust mop
• Battery operated sweeper / rechargeable
Dust Mops and Sweepers are an economical method of keeping areas dust free. They not only clean up dust, sweepers can deal with everyday spills and larger debris. Easy to maintain, use and store away until needed. Telescopic handles and varies dust mop head widths are available.