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    Toilet Rolls

    Toilet rolls are also known as toilet tissue, toilet paper or loo roll and are considered an essential part of everyday life and personal hygiene. Our range of toilet rolls are soft and comfortable and are compatible with our range of toilet roll dispensers both of which include major brands like Tork and Kimberly Clark, experts in high-quality washroom supplies, washroom equipment, janitorial and hand protection consumables. RS offer a great choice of toilet paper to meet all your bathroom and toilet requirements with reliable flush ability to prevent pipe blockages and to promote better toilet hygiene making everyone feel fresh and clean.

    Personal hygiene is more than ever vital because of Coronavirus and toilet rolls play an important part in reducing the spread of infection and bacteria. We recommend using an anti-bacterial hand wash and sanitiser as part of your hygiene regime.

    Why is toilet tissue supplied in rolls?

    In an average household, a toilet roll lasts about 5 to 7 days with an individual using approximately 57 sheets of toilet tissue per day. Globally we use a lot of toilet rolls so have the paper supplied in rolls makes for economical and easy storage, especially within a toilet roll dispenser. The length of average toilet roll sheets is 105 mm and with approximately 300 plus sheets per roll that is approximately 33 metres plus. Smaller and larger rolls are available, plus the size of sheets can vary.

    What does Ply mean?

    Ply relates to the thickness or layers of the toilet tissue. We offer 1 Ply to 4 Ply.

    • 1 Ply = 1 layer of toilet paper.
    • 2 Ply = 2 layers of toilet paper.

    The more layers of toilet tissue the higher the ply and the higher the quality of the toilet roll. The higher ply of paper is sometimes branded as soft luxury quilted, softer for everyday use.

    Rolls of toilet tissue are available in a pack and normally a pack will contain a minimum of 2 toilet rolls. Larger rolls pack sizes are available, and these will contain anywhere from 4 to plus 40 rolls in each pack (a jumbo pack or bulk pack).

    Recycling is now vital to protect the environment and ecology, so manufacturers are producing Eco friendly toilet rolls that are bio-degradable and contain no plastic.

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