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    Torch Batteries

    Torch batteries are specific battery pack accessories for use with a torch. Torches are a great addition to any household and business to make sure you always have a safe light source no matter what. There is a vast range of torches on the market, from miniature penlights to multi-cell torches for police and security personnel, to tactical torches for military and survival use, and almost all require batteries.

    Rechargeable torch batteries

    Most torch batteries, due to their unique form, require recharging. This means that once they have run out, they are charged back up from a mains source, using a charging pod or cable. This means you do not need to hold spare batteries for when the torch runs out of power and enables you to always ensure there is plenty of power. Alternatively, having two of the same battery packs can allow for one pack to be used while another is in use if a torch has frequent use such as those used by night security or in the case of an inspection torch.

    Choosing the right battery

    Often a torch battery is specific to an individual torch or headlamp. Therefore they are an essential accessory. It is ideal to have multiple torch batteries to avoid any downtime when one is charging.Supplying the power for these torches means choosing from a selection of single-use, disposable or rechargeable e batteries to match your specific torch and its use. Torch batteries may come in the form of button cells, AA, AAA, C, D or specific battery packs.

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