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    EMI Filter Kits

    An EMI filter is a passive component that can suppress and reduce unwanted EMI noise that may cause interference with other electronic devices.

    EMI Filter kits are ideal for design engineers and lab technicians as they contain all the necessary components for building EMI filters. Supplied in handy compartmentalized packaging for quick reference and easy identification. RS offer a range of high-quality kits from leading brands including Wurth Elektronik and Shaffner.

    What are EMI Filter kits used for?

    EMI filter kits provide a convenient method of setting up different filter designs. They can be used for testing before completing your finalised design.

    Where would you use an EMI Filter?

    EMI Filters are used in a wide range of applications. Some of the most common areas are

    • Radio equipment
    • Computers
    • Power supplies
    • Medical devices
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