Inkjet Artwork Film

Inkjet artwork film is a type of polyester film with a superior coating used for quality artwork production for graphics and printed circuit boards. This film is designed for use with inkjet printers using either dye-based or modern pigment-based inks.

How is inkjet artwork film used?

The printer should be loaded with the coated side of the film face-up under the print head. As the film is fed through the printer, the coated side will receive the ink. There are several ways to determine the proper print side. It has a milky matte appearance, and when you apply a wet finger tip to it, it will be slightly sticky.

How long does inkjet artwork film take to dry?

Most inkjet artwork film has an extra fast drying coating, which allows dense and high resolution images to be printed. With most inks, the positive will be dry and ready for use in less than 2 minutes. You should always make sure the positive is completely dry before using, as transfer of imagery can occur if it's used too early.

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