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    Tap Fittings

    Water tap accessories are any parts associated with water taps in locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Examples of water tap accessories are swivels, aerators, replaceable cartridges to fix drips, flow regulators and extenders. There's also a variety of handles, domes and caps in a range of designs such as lever, cross head or knob.

    What are water tap accessories used for?

    Water tap accessories are parts that you may require to restyle or repair taps in domestic and commercial settings. If you're renovating you might want to modernise your tap handles. Flow regulators can be installed in order to save water, and ceramic cartridges, washers or valves can be fitted to fix dripping taps and mixers. Other components include swivel aerators and valves that prevent 'water hammer' – the knocking noise you sometimes hear in pipes when a tap is turned off quickly.

    Types of water tap accessories

    Water tap accessories include external fittings in various styles, internal components that improve flow and reduce noise and parts to fix leaking taps or to make them easier to turn on and off.

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