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    Liquid Level Indicators

    Hydraulic level indicators, also known as fluid level indicators, are used for checking the fluid levels in tanks and other hydraulic systems. Level indicators and level gauges are fitted onto the system and usually feature a glass window to display the level of the fluid.

    Types of hydraulic level indicator:

    There is a wide range of liquid level indicators for different applications. Some offer a visual check, while others display more more information, such as a gauge or a thermometer to also show temperature levels. The main types include:

    • Column level indicators use a transparent column to display the fluid level using a scale. Column level indicators come in a variety of lengths depending on the scale they can measure. The scale length can vary, for example, from 30 mm to 200 mm. Your choice of scale length will depend on your chosen application.
    • Sight Glasses, also known as oil sight glasses, are transparent windows which are attached to a tank as a visual level indicator. Oil level sight glasses are a quick way to check oil levels, but do not feature a scale like a column indicator would. Sight glasses usually attach to the system using a threaded connection featuring a rubber seal. Some oil level indicators also feature a metal contrast screen and a level point for easy measuring.
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