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    Blow Guns

    Use Blow Guns to blast away dust, hair or fibre particles to keep work area or components clean. Attach a hose via an air compressor for the removal of debris, non-contact part cleaning. They are easy to operate and have a single trigger which once pressed exerts a high blowing force.

    How do they work?

    Air Blow Guns are made from plastic or metal and include an ergonomic handle. They are attached to an air compressor which sends a steady stream of compressed air pressure through a nozzle and can shut off automatically if dropped due to their internal fail-safe pressure mechanism. Blow guns are actuated either by a discharge lever which is in-line with the air hose or a trigger located at a right angle.

    What are they also known as?

    • Air Pressure Gun
    • High-Pressure Gun
    • Air Gun
    • Blower

    Types of Air Guns

    Our range of guns is supplied with a choice of nozzle types depending on the application.

    • Standard safety; these are suitable for general purpose applications
    • Small diameter; can be inserted into tight openings
    • Rubber tip; prevent the marring of surfaces
    • Flexible tip; can be guided to the application point
    • Venturi; contain small holes that allow the discharge to draw ambient air to increase the airflow.
    • Extended; provide longer reach and are available straight or angled to reach difficult locations.


    Blow Guns are typically used in air tool applications such as Paint Spraying and Tyre fitting. They are very versatile and should be considered as a vital accessory is you have a compressor. View our range of guns to suit your application.

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