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    Sanding Drums

    Sanding drums are comprised of sanding cylinders (also known as sanding bands, drum sleeves and sanding sleeves) mounted on reusable drums, and are used to shape and deburr (neaten and smooth out the edges of) small, round or oddly-shaped workpieces made from metal, fibreglass or wood. These power tool accessories are ideal for polishing both soft and hard materials and can be used in home improvement, artwork and woodwork projects. These can be easily used by affixing them to a drill or miniature power tool with a high speed rotary movement.We have products from Dremel, Norton and Saint-Gobin, with grit sizes ranging from 36 to 120.

    How to fit and use an abrasive band

    Sanding drums are commonly used on electric rotary tools - a handheld power tool with a rotary tip. To fit the sanding drum, you slide the drum sleeve over your holder or mandrel (shaft or spindle), which will be connected to an electric rotary tool, and turn the nut to make it tight. Now you are ready to use it.

    What are the benefits of using sanding drums?

    In the same way that sandpaper comes with different grit sizes and types, sanding drums also have such a variety available that will suit different projects and materials. The most common grit materials are aluminium oxide and zirconia aluminium, each of which has its own benefits:

    • Aluminium oxide - the best grit material for rough shaping and smoothing wood and fibreglass.
    • Zirconia aluminium - this alternative is best used for de-burring steels and working stainless steel.

    Both types of grit are ideal for removing rust from metal surfaces, for shaping rubber surfaces and are easily replaceable. They're commonly used in nut-carving, with wood, metal or plastic, as well as deburring metal workpieces and other DIY finishing and working applications.

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