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    Key Cabinets

    What are Key Cabinets?

    Key cabinets or key safe boxes are a great way of securing and organising your keys in the workplace or at home. Choosing to keep your keys in a lockable cabinet allows for better security, safer storage as well as peace of mind - knowing that the contents are under lock and key!

    Key storage cabinets where capacity ranges from 3 to 50 keys are corrosion resistant and usually made from mild steel with a hinged door that is secured by a simple key or hasp cam lock that prevents opportunistic theft. They often have a slimline design for holding individual keys. The key hooks are pressed out of the rear panel of the cabinet and bent to accommodate key rings. They are not normally numbered and do not allow flexibility if bunches or longer keys need to be stored.

    What are System Key Storage Cabinets?

    System key storage cabinets have similar locking mechanisms. They have removable and adjustable height hook bars that allow the flexibility of storing unusual types of keys and bunches of keys. These system key cabinets are often supplied with a key colour coded numbering system that consists of numbered hook bars and matching key tabs on the keyrings. The key capacity of the box would depend on the size of the cabinet but they often have a key capacity ranging from 20 to 600 keys with all boxes being wall mounted. Some have extra deep bodies in order to store larger bunches of keys which is apt for estate agencies and car dealerships. This range of key cabinets can also be fitted with a keyless lock such as a re-programmable mechanical dial or a reprogrammable mechanical digital lock. These types of locks can be mortise locking or slam shut for extra security. They can also be fitted with digital electronic locks with various levels of sophistication and cost.

    Key cabinets fitted with a security euro-cylinder lock can be matched to other key locks within your organisation. There are also key cabinets with high-security double bitted key locks that trigger the release of a high strength bolting system the same as on security safes. The security key lock can be upgraded to an electronic digital lock with or without audit control facilities to monitor a keys user and location.

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