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    Differential Pressure Sensor ICs

    Differential pressure is the difference between any two measured pressures. Unlike gauge and absolute, differential pressure does not try to fix the reference. The pressure can be increased or decreased at either of the two points.

    Why would I use differential pressure measurement?

    Differential pressure sensors are low-cost and would be used when reliable and quick pressure measurements are required. They can be calibrated and temperature resistant.

    It does not matter whether the two pressures are atmospheric pressure, vacuum or fluid, as the differential pressure sensor would only be interested in the difference.


    Differential pressure sensors are small in design. Their cost-effectiveness makes them ideal for demanding solutions whether that be with gas or liquids.

    These pressure sensors are often used in medical devices, wind speed meters and HVAC applications.

    Other typical industries include shipbuilding, process heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. The main function these pressure sensors provide is the monitoring of pumps, compressors and filters.

    Differential pressure sensors often work alongside differential pressure transmitters and differential pressure transducers which are used in flow measurement. They can measure the pressure differential across an orifice, venturi or any other type of primary element.

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