Choosing how to power your design is vital, as this can alter how the product performs, its cost and where and when it can be used. You may wish to integrate the power supply circuitry into the PCB design or choose an off the shelf solution - whichever you choose, we can help with over 7,800 switch-mode and linear power supplies, with nearly 17,000 DC-DC conversion options, as well as rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.

Also, when you are adding circuit protection you'll find fuses, electronic circuit breakers, fuse holders and lots more. We’ve everything you need under one roof.

Range highlights from Power Supplies and Circuit Protection


Whatever transformer your design requires we can help with our range of over 3,000 options from PCB to panel and DIN rail mount.

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Solar Panels

Using solar panels is a very practical way to produce electricity for many applications.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries

Why design with legacy batteries like NiMH or Nicad, when you can choose Lithium-Ion and gain the benefits for very little addditional cost.

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Non-rechargeable Batteries

From AAA to D, speciality sizes and coin cells we can help power your design - and our RS PRO options help keep costs down.

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Search over 6,000 options from TRACO to select the ideal DC-DC converter to complete yor design - from 1-300W, PCB & panel mount options.

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Switching Regulators

DC-DC conversion features in many designs and our range of switching regulators makes the task to selecting the right converter easier.

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Embedded Power Supplies

Using an approved & certified embeddable switch-mode PSU can accelerate your design process, simplify the build and potentially save cost.

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DIN Power Supplies from RS PRO

Power-up your design with high quality, multi-approval power supplies offering leading brand performance without the premium price tag.

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Panel Power from PULS

The PULS range combines quality, reliability and performance at a compelling price - making them a popular choice for automation designs.

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Desktop Power Supplies

If you need an off-the-shelf plug-in power supply to power your design you're in the right place - we've got over 700 options in stock.

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Fuse Kits

Don't blow a fuse looking for the right one! Our range of handy kits can help when prototyping giving you an instant choice of ratings.

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Fuse Holders

It doesn't matter what you are designing you'll find PCB, panel and DIN rail mount options for most fuse types, as well as inline options.

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