Sensors and sensors that are part of machines and process equipment in industrial environments are often heavily exposed to loads. They can be exposed to vibration, high temperatures, moisture and other mechanical stress.

To ensure a high level of operational reliability, it is crucial that sensors and sensors are part of the predictive and preventive maintenance that is performed on an ongoing basis.It is equally important to be able to have spare parts delivered quickly if the accident occurs, and the service department does not have the right spare part in stock.

With our comprehensive range of sensors and sensors and fast delivery, we can help our customers keep their wheels rolling.

A growing number of industrial sensors are also avilable with IO-Link interface, which greatly simplifies installation and provides continuous status updates for each device!

Range highlights from Sensing

Allen Bradley Pressure Sensors

836P series compact, cost effective digital pressure sensors suitable for gas, liquid and steam with IO-Link capability embedded.

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Telemecanique XU Sensors

A complete family of photoelectronic sensors in metal and plastic bodies with common sensing types - perfect for maintenance use.

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Omron E2E Inductive Sensors

The E2E-NEXT series is the latest generation of sensors from market leaders Omron, offering precision and durability as standard.

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Photoelectric Sensors

Probably the most commonly used automation sensor type and we have 3,000 stocked options to help keep you operational.

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Inductive Sensors

Find threaded barrel, block, ring and slotted formats with various sensing ranges and connectivity formats, from all the big brands.

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Capacitive Sensors

The most universal sensor capable of detecting metallic, plastic, card and other materials effectively. Can even be used for level sensing.

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Ultrasonic Sensors

A flexible sensor type which can offer both simple Y/N presence detection as well as distance measure via a proportional output.

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Pressure Sensors

Under pressure? We can help with our extensive range of gauge and absolute pressure transducers available with ratings up to 2200bar

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Thermocouples & RTDs

Find your ideal replacement temperature sensor right here! We have the widest choice of any distributor, including our RS PRO range.

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Flow Sensors

Adding a flow sensor to existing equipment can be a good way to gain extra operational information to avoid downtime.

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Level Sensors

Level sensors are often exposed to the process increasing the risk of failure, we have a range of over 450 to get you up & running again.

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Float Switches

Many tanks and processes use float switches as a way to monitor fluid levels. Find your perfect float switch from over 500 options.

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Fibre Optic Sensors

Precision photoelectric sensors that provide the ultimate in presence detection. Choose from big name brands and great value RS PRO options.

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Rotary Encoders & Pickups

Find optical encoders, magnetic pickups and linear transducers. All available from stock to keep your process and machines running smoothly.

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Sensor Connectivity

Explore our range of sensor distribution units in both M8 and M12 sizes, as well as IO to Ethernet/IP modules and IO-Link enabled units.

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TE Connectivity Sensing

Discover a wide range of temperature, humidity, pressure, position, vibration, ultrasonic and light sensors ideal for industrial use.

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