Texas Instruments LMZ14203HEVAL/NOPB SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Module for LMZ14203

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SIMPLE SWITCHER® Power Module 42Vin, High Output Voltage 3A/2A Evaluation Board

The SIMPLE SWITCHER® power module evaluation board is optimized for peak performance and increased flexibility. By incorporating additional ceramic and an aluminum filter capacitor, the power module EVAL board demonstrates the low output ripple, fast transient response, and low conducted and radiated EMI performance of the device. Adjusting the output voltage, optimizing the control loop circuitry, and fine-tuning the filter capacitance is easy, with convenient size and placement of the passive components on the board. Finally, the excellent thermal performance of the power modules is enhanced using a 4-layer PCB.

Integrated shielded inductor (inside module)
Voltage Input 15V to 42V
Precision enable UVLO (set at 13.5V)
12V output (output voltage is adjustable by changing 1 or 2 resistors)
Operates at full load up to 65°C ambient at 24V input
Efficiency up to 97%
Thermal performance; θJA = 14.9°C/W (2oz copper), θJC = 1.9°C/W
Uses 0805 passives on front side for easy modification of values to match requirements
3 x 3 in. (7.62 x 7.62 cm) 4-layer, 2oz copper on top and bottom, 1oz on internal layers

Non-Isolated Power Modules, Texas Instruments

Non-Isolated Power Modules are supporting designs which require superior EMI protection and thermal performance, high output current, high output voltage and more. The family of SIMPLE SWITCHER® power modules provides an all-in-one power solution to meet extreme operating conditions or simply a standard feature set, in a small, easy-to-use package.

Integrated shielded inductor
Precision enable, soft-start, and tracking for sequencing
Best-in-class thermal performance
Pin-to-pin compatible modules for different load currents
Easy-to-use packaging
Passes EN55022 (CISPR22) Class B Radiated and Conducted EMI Standard

Attribute Value
Power Management Function Power Module
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
Featured Device LMZ14203
Kit Name Simple Switcher
Discontinued product
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