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    Optimized Micro Control with Allen-Bradley® Micro800™ Controllers

    For a customized and cost-effective solution that provides basic control for standalone machines, turn to the Allen-Bradley® Micro800™ programmable logic controller (PLC) family as your Micro Control System. The flexible options of adding Micro800™ plug-in and expansion I/O modules help machine builders expand functionality and capability while reducing controller footprint and hardware costs. Connect easily to various devices as Micro800™ controllers offer embedded Ethernet, Serial and USB ports. Users enjoy the convenience of using the Connected Components Workbench™ software as one design environment for device configuration, controller programming and integration with Human Machine Interface (HMI) editor. Plus, it includes the Micro800™ Simulator to develop and test without real hardware.With Micro800™ controllers, it is simple to reduce development time and cost and improve productivity with easy network connectivity.

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    Micro800™ PLCs

    Customize with Micro800™ controllers easily

    • Offers flexible network connectivity to devices with embedded Ethernet, Serial and USB ports
    • Customizes and expands the functionality with Micro800™ plug-in and expansion I/O modules
    • Designs easily with one software to program, configure and visualize the application
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    Micro870® PLC

    Optimize and expand with Micro870® controlle

    • Expands with up to eight Micro800™ expansion I/O and up to 304 I/O points
    • Supports up to 280 KB memory size and up to 20,000 programming steps
    • Connects easily to devices with embedded Ethernet, Serial and USB ports
    • Provides embedded motion capabilities for up to two axes with PTO
    • Customizes with Micro800™ plug-in modules
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    Micro870® controller provides customization and flexibility for larger standalone machines

    Small and expandable, Micro870® controller is designed and optimized for larger standalone machine control applications. Watch how the various embedded features provide convenience and flexibility for your applications.