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    Office Supplies

    Office supplies are a necessity for any office, regardless of how many personnel work within the environment. Supply cupboards will always need restocked with pens and pencils, paper, envelopes or various other types of stationery. Our office supplies aren't just limited to stationery, there are numerous items available. Ranging from audio equipment, white boards and even full sized office furniture.

    What are some examples of essential office supplies?

    Essential items which are used every day in an office cover a wide range. Ruling out other highly essential equipment, such as computers and other technology. An example of the basic supplies offices will need are:

    • Office stationery products such as pens, paper, staplers and paperclips
    • Printers and ink cartridges or toner
    • Desks, office chairs and other types of furniture
    • Folders and binders
    • Whiteboards and notice boards

    Apart from the standard office stationery and supplies, what kind of alternate products do you supply?

    We do offer more than just the standard office supplies you would expect to find. To suit the needs of our customers we provide various non-essential items within our office supplies area. As an example, some of the alternative office equipment we provide are:

    • Back supports, foot rests and other health and safety products
    • Shredders and guillotines
    • Speakers, microphones and flip charts, perfect as office presentation equipment
    • Clocks and timers
    • Packaging materials

    With such a variety of products available within our offer, not only can offices be supplied with quality items. Warehouses and factories can also thrive with many accessories and suitable equipment for every day use.

    Why choose RS for office supplies?

    As a company who thrive on giving great customer service, the office supplies we can offer at competitive prices rank us highly for business solutions. Whether that's paper, pens, printers or office furniture, our wide range of equipment complete with next day delivery ensures that we can truly provide a great customer experience.

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