Lighting is essential, whether it is used to create a welcoming installation for a customer, or to ensure the health and safety of staff. RS Components supply online lighting supplies and accessories from leading brands, with everything you need to install a custom set up, such as fittings, terminals, wiring tools and cabling.

Whether you need industrial workshop lighting to maximize productivity, or outside fluorescent lights for security purposes, all requirements are considered. With pro lighting accessories and spare parts for both metal and plastic light fittings, RS Components is an essential first stop for lighting supplies online.

Our range offers solutions for electricians in commercial and domestic work spaces. Should you require anything from a common ceiling light or light switch, to infrared lamps and PIR sensors, were confident our range can support you.

Energy Saving Lighting

For controlling costs and environmental impact, energy saving bulbs are essential. Whether you are switching simple household halogens to LED bulbs, or installing more efficient lighting controllers or timers, we can support your requirements.

Health and Safety

From timed security lighting, to emergency exit lighting, we supply the lamps, wiring components and accessories to ensure your public space or workplace meets the necessary standard for health and safety.

Customer Attraction

Lighting isnt all about practicalities, and the right lighting set up can engage your customers just as powerfully as music or graphics. From neon bulbs to colour changing LEDs, our range offers specialized smart lighting to help you aestheticise your environment.


With halogen and LED indicators to suit a variety of car models, the range includes lamps, lamp holders and other components essential to automobile repair. For when you need to replace parts, RS keeps you on the road.

The Engineers Companion

For engineers and maintenance workers, we also provides hand-held torches and inspection lamps to suit any application. With long-life and high-power handlamps available to suit your occupation, and a range of adjustable bench lights that are ideal for the prototyper, lab worker, or even hobbyist.

The Right Tools

For convenience and safety in all electrical applications, RS supplies the type of specialist tools and accessories you need. Wire and connect your lights and cables in even the most challenging environments, with RS Component's high quality tooling.

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