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    Payment Options

    Payment Options

    You can chose how you would like to pay

    You can chose how you would like to pay.

    You can open a cash or credit account – or use our guest checkout for a one-off order. There are different ways that you can choose to pay:

    • Cash Account:  This is the method of payment available immediately; you can pay by credit card.
    • Credit Account:  Contact Bogholderi@rsgroup.comor call 64 83 40 00 with full company details Monday-Friday from 8.30-16.00.
    • You are also welcome to fill in the template.
    • Guest Checkout: You can purchase products without logging in or having to go through the registration process.

    We accept Mastercard & Visa as forms of payment.

    Consolidated Monthly Summary

    Save time and streamline your invoice reconciliation by letting us consolidate all your RS transactions into a single document.

    Your invoices can be attached to allow invoice reconciliation at the summary level. This supports accurate budgeting - providing a single document to summarise and control your spend.

    How does it work:

    • Order summaries can be split by blanket order and cost centre - whatever suits you

    • Shows a simple overview of your organisation's spending - either by department or by project

    • Your invoices can be attached or sent out individually

      To set up contact our specialist team who are here to help Mon - Thur 8am to and Friday to 4pm. Please call 64 83 40 00 or email:

    Account and Billing Enquiries

    If you have any billing queries or need to update your account information, please email or call 64 83 40 00 - Opening hours (Mon-Thur): 8:00am - 5:00pm and Friday to 4pm.

    If you need to change any of the details on your invoice, please email or call 64 83 40 00 and quote your Sold To/ Ship To Number, your name, your current invoice address and your new invoice address.

    Bank details for RS:

    • RS Components AS
    • Bank: SEB
    • IBAN: NO50 9750 0666 580
    • Account number: 97500666580
    • MVA: NO 982 942 837

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