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Nothing excites us more than human ingenuity. As engineers, our role is to give innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers the tools to create breakthrough products and disrupt markets – in record time. The developers for next-generation IoT and Industrial systems require powerful yet low-power processing capability, robust cloud connectivity, best-in-class Bluetooth, and reliable storage technology. Cypress’ portfolio of MCUs, Connectivity, and Memory provides a one-stop-shop for these engineers. Explore Cypress’ product portfolio at RS-Components to discover all of the Development Tools, modules, silicon, and software solutions needed to get started on your next design.

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  • Built on a cutting-edge, ultra-low-power, 40 nm process technology with a dual Arm® Cortex®-M core architecture
  • Offers software-defined peripherals to create custom analog and digital circuits and one of the industry's best capacitive-sensing solutions, CapSense®
  • Supports an integrated, hardware-based trusted execution environment (TEE) with secure data storage

CYW20819 Arduino Evaluation Kit

CYW20819 Arduino Evaluation Kit
  • Features the CYW20819 ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5 MCU - Mesh 1.0 certified
  • Arduino compatible headers for hardware expansion
  • Features a 9-axis motion sensor and a thermistor
  • 3D digital linear acceleration / angular rate / magnetic sensors

Alan Hawse - passionate about PSoC® 6

At Embedded World 2019 Alan Hawse, Senior VP of Software and Solutions at Cypress, explained to us why he is so passionate about PSoC® 6 and how it helps engineers develop next-generation IoT designs ... and what he loves about working with RS Components.

PSoC 4: Your Problem Solver on Chip

PSoC 4 has tackled the most complex parts of embedded system including analog sensor integration and capacitive / inductive touch sensing

PSoC 4

Bluetooth Module Portfolio for the IoT

Cypress Bluetooth Modules enable small module footprint, extended operating temperature, cost-optimization, long-range connectivity, and more

BT Modules

Data-Logging Memory for Industrial Systems

F-RAM offers virtually unlimited endurance of 100 trillion read/write cycles

Serial F-RAM

NOR Flash for Code Storage

The industry standard in high performance, low-pin-count Serial NOR Flash memory

Serial NOR Flash

Visit DesignSpark to discover articles describing the full range of Cypress innovations. The latest content covers PSoC® 6 prototyping boards, coding in Python onPSoC® 6 MCUs and Capacitive-Sensing & Inductive-Sensing and more.

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