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    Equipping, enabling, inspiring: About Panasonic Industry Europe

    As part of Panasonic Corporation’s global business, people at Panasonic Industry strive for continuous innovation and share the company’s mission and vision - shaping the future for the better.

    To take engineering to the next level, Panasonic Industry researches, produces and supplies technologies for a vast range of industries.From the tiniest electronic components manufactured in billions of units, to full-custom batch-size 1 factory automation devices, our clear focus on performance, quality and reliability sets the bar high in multiple market sectors and in industry trends: industrial, smart home and building automation, energy solutions, E-mobility and automotive, smart farming and many others.Being an integral member of Panasonic’s global family, albeit with a strong network of local European partners, Panasonic Industry is proud to offer continuous and outstanding support to all customers.

    Discover our comprehensive portfolio of Passives, Emech, Batteries, and Sensors.

    Featured products

    MOSFET Relays

    MOSFET relays for fast, bounce-free and quiet switching

    • Utterly quiet switching
    • Linear output characteristics
    • Very low current consumption
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    PM2.5, PM10, PM1 sensor

    High Precision Particulate Matter (PM) Sensor

    • PM2.5, PM10 & PM1 detection
    • Laser diode for high accuracy, sensitivity and quick response
    • Unique auto calibration function
    • Minimizes dust accumulation by optimized air pathway structure
    • Integrated μP converts wave profile to mass-density (μg/m³) via I²C & UART

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    Panasonic particulate matter sensor SN-GCJA5 – air quality and dust sensor

    Simply detect smoke, environmental dust and other unwanted dangerous pollutants in the air that surrounds us. Learn some insights about Panasonic SN-GCJA5 high precision laser sensor which offers excellent accuracy, quick response and a long lifetime.

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    PhotoMOS® Introduction

    PhotoMOS® Introduction

    PhotoMOS® is the brand of Panasonic MOSFET relays with galvanic isolation. Get an overview about the technology and how PhotoMOS® relays can be used.

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