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    Cable Joints & Cable Sleeving

    Cable Joints & Sleeving offers excellent protection and secure connections for cables and wires.

    Cable Joints

    Cable Joint's purpose is to maintain the continuity of electrical cables over long lengths by joining them and therefore, enable the transmission of electricity. Cable joints need to fit precisely and be robust enough to withstand factors like adverse weather conditions, current carrying capacity, connection voltage drop and compatibility of materials.

    Cable Sleeves

     Cable sleeves offer protection and insulation to wires, hide unsightly wiring and keep areas safer.

    Ceramic Beads

    Ceramic Beads also referred to as ceramic interlocking fish spine beads are used for insulating bare wires in air or vacuum systems for flexible electrical insulation on wires.

    Heat Shrink Boots

    heat shrink boots are designed to protect critical circuits from environmental and mechanical damage. Heat shrink boots. Heat-shrink boots are essential for providing dependable, leak-proof seals on cable assemblies. 

    Heat Shrink Tubing

    Heat shrink tubing is a shrinkable plastic tube that shrinks when exposed to heat. Heat shrink tubing insulates and protects electrical wires from dust, debris, moisture and abrasion.

    Solder Sleeves

     Solder sleeves are small hollow pieces of shrinkable tubing that have within them rings of solder, as they are heated the tubing shrinks and the solder melts creating an electrical connection.