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    Cable Marker Accessories

    Cable marker accessories are specifically designed to make cable marking quicker, easier, and more efficient. They help you install cable labels and markers in the quickest of time. Having an effective cable marking system not only saves you time and effort but is also essential for the easy identification of cables and wires.

    What are the different types of Cable Marker accessories?

    We offer a great selection of cable marker accessories, all with a particular job to do. Some of the most common types of cable marker accessories includeCable Marker Application ToolsThese thin pencil-shaped tools allow you to load your identification markers onto wires easier. Simply slide the cable marker onto the tool and push it into the applicator groove. When you remove your cable, the marker will be securely attached.Cable Marker StripCable marker carrier strips are designed for multi-character marking. The long plastic strips can hold numerous individual markers, depending on the length. Secured at either end by cable ties or lacing cord.Cable Marker PenWith thin round heads, cable marker pens have been specifically designed for precise marking on various types of blank cable labels and tags.Cable Marker CarrierAre typically made from clear plastic. The carrier features a space for a card or label to be inserted into the carrier and the clip-over lid keeps the label secure and in place. The cable marker carrier is then attached to the cable via cable ties.

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