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    ESD Grounding

    For anyone working within electronics proper grounding is vital. It ensures the safe handling and operation of equipment and protects users from potentially harmful voltages. ESD grounding also prevents damage to devices by keeping your workforce free from harmful static build-up.

    By employing appropriate ESD grounding products, such as earthing wires, grounding mats, grounding straps, and grounding cords, organisations can effectively mitigate the risks associated with ESD.

    What are the different types of products available?

    • Earthing wire also known as a grounding wire or earth wire. Typically made of highly conductive materials such as copper or aluminium, earthing wires are designed to withstand high electrical currents while maintaining low resistance to ensure efficient grounding. These wires are installed to establish a reliable connection between the electronic equipment and the designated grounding point, such as a grounding rod or a grounding plate.
    • Grounding cords are used to safely connect elements together in an electrostatic discharge-protected area
    • ESD grounding wrist straps
    • ESD safe mats
    • Continuous monitors
    • Earth bonding points.

    ESD grounding cords can be straight or coiled, in varying lengths, with different connection/plug types such as press studs, ring terminals, spade terminals, banana plugs, or crocodile clips.

    Grounding Toe & Heel Straps

    Grounding toe and heel straps are designed for standing or mobile workers. They work by discharging static from a person to the ground by connecting the person to a grounded walking surface. Toe grounders and heel straps are fully adjustable and are typically attached using hook and loop fastening.

    ESD Static Grounding Clamps

    ESD (electrostatic discharge) static grounding clamps are used to connect electrical equipment to the ground, to prevent electrostatic discharge. ESD static grounding clamps are composed of a length of cord that has a clamp at one end and a grounding device at the other.

    ESD Wrist straps and cord sets

    Sets containing an anti-static wrist band and a grounding cord. The kits are available in different wrist band sizes, stud sizes cord lengths, and styles. Easily connects to bonding points ESD continuous monitors and ESD mats.

    ESD Field safe Kits

    For use in the field or for mobile engineers and technicians. Kits include various products which could include ESD safe mats, grounding cords, wrist bands, and earth bonding plugs.

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