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    Paint & Painting Supplies

    When looking for paint and painting supplies for your decorating and maintenance needs, it is important to choose the most suitable and effective paint and tools for the job. Different products offer different coverage and adhering properties, and so it is important to know which products will give you the most desirable finish for your project. We offer a wide range of paints, painting supplies and painting tools for interior and exterior jobs in commercial, industrial and automotive environments.

    Our curated range of paint, painting tools and other painting supplies covers a wide variety of applications and requirements, from line markers and paint rollers to spray paints and paint pens. Sourced from industry-leading, professional brands such as Rocol, Hammerite, Ambersil, CRC, Edding and more, including our very own RS PRO brand.


    Not all surfaces are ready to be painted when you first approach them. We have everything you need, from rust treatments to paint removers and primers, to make sure every coat of paint goes on smoothly and lasts. Rust converters can be applied to rust to prevent further corrosion and provide a smooth coating which can then be painted onto. The right paint preparation can help your paint job in achieving a professional finish.


    Your painting tool of choice will depend on the type of paint you are using and the application. Various size brushes and brush sets are available for painting, from precise details to covering a wider area. Rollers and trays are ideal for quick and easy paint application on large, smooth surfaces, such as walls, doors and panelling. Line markers are also available for applying a perfect line of paint to a floor, such as road or sports court markings.


    From tins of paint to spray paint and paint pens, we have a wide range of products. Tinned paints are available from 25 ml to 5 L tins and are designed for different applications, from metal paints to floor paints. Metal paints are able to adhere straight on to metal surfaces without prep, while floor paints are durable and provide an attractive, dust-free finish to concrete floors.

    Paints come in a wide range of colours and finishes, such as gloss black, smooth white and hammered silver paint. We also offer a range of paint pens for precise applications or writing with paint.

    Anti Corrosion and Impact Resistance

    Some paints are designed for heavy use in varying environmental conditions. We offer a range of primers and paints with anti-corrosive and impact-resistant qualities for extra protection.

    • Anti-corrosive paints are usually used with metal and provide a barrier to the elements. They prevent water and air from reaching the metal surface and therefore prevent rust and corrosion.
    • Impact-resistant paints are durable and can survive some impact and shock loads, without cracking.