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    Heat Sealers

    Heat sealers, also known as bag sealers, are used for sealing packaging and bags. Heat sealers are ideal if you are looking to create a water-tight and air-tight closing to protect a bag's contents. Most of our bag sealers are desktop sealers.

    Some heat sealers come with a cutter mechanism. This means that, once the seal has been made, you are able to cut off any excess material.

    What is heat sealing?

    Heat sealing is the process in which heat is used to melt thermoplastic sheets so that they stick together. In doing so, they create a seal.

    How do bag sealers work?

    Sealers contain a heated wire or bar which, when the sealing arm is closed, pushes against the silicon on the arm. When the bag is placed between the wire and the silicon, the heated element will melt the plastic and cause it to fuse together.

    What can you heat seal?

    Heat sealers are designed for thermoplastics, such as polythene and PVC foils. Your chosen heat sealer will state which materials it is compatible with. Some heat sealers also work with lay-flat tubing.

    One of the main differences between heat sealers is their length and capacity. Heat sealers have different seal lengths and widths to suit various bag sizes. There is also a total seal thickness which describes the capacity that the heat sealer can take.

    What is an impulse heat sealer?

    Impulse heat sealers only heat up when used. An impulse of electricity travels along the heating element to quickly heat it up. Once they have sealed the bag, they cool down. Non-impulsive heat sealers remain hot the entire time that they are powered up. Therefore impulse heat sealers are much more energy efficient and are less of a safety hazard.

    Automatic heat sealers vs. hand heat sealers

    Hand heat sealers feature a lever handle which is operated by hand and they are ideal for less frequent use. Automatic heat sealers are better for industrial environments with a higher production level. They use a magnetic mechanism which creates the seal.

    Where are heat sealers used?




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