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    Tube Clips

    Tube clips are short U-shaped holders that can be fixed to a panel, back plate or frame via a small hole in the panel. Tube clips are supplied in strips and can be snapped off manually or cut with a tube cutter in order to fit the application at hand. At RS, we have curated a range of products from leading brands, including Festo, Legris, and SMC.

    What are tube clips used for?

    Plastic tube clips are a convenient method of securing pneumatic air line tube to a fixed surface to keep groups of air line tubing tidy and out of the way. This prevents the tubing from being damaged by any machinery and prevents the tubes themselves from causing obstructions in pneumatic systems. Using tube clips to keep tubes in a fixed position also prevents them from becoming hazardous to workers and eliminates the risk of personal injury from tripping.

    What sizes are available?

    Tube clips are available in different sizes to suit different applications, ranging from 4 mm to 12 mm. The size refers to the outside diameter of the pneumatic air line hose it is intended to be used with.

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