Welding & Brazing

In this section, you'll find a comprehensive choice of welding and brazing equipment and accessories from trusted global brands like Cemont, SIP, GCE and more. We stock arc welders and inverters, MIG welders, hand spot welders and gas blow torches, in addition to a wide range of welding accessories and consumables.

Popular accessories in our welding and brazing tools range include:

  • Gas torch refills

  • Welding kits

  • Welding and brazing rods

  • Replacement mild/stainless steel wires

  • Replacement CO2/argon gas bottles and tanks

An equally broad selection of welding and brazing safety gear - including all PPE wear, goggles and face shields - can be found under our Safety, Security, ESD and Clean Room products.

What are the main strengths of MIG welding techniques and equipment?

  • MIG welding is an abbreviation of ’metal inert gas’, referring to the fact that MIG welders use gas stored in a tank or bottle to help create a protective cloud around the electrical arc (the component that does the actual melting of the metal wire during a welding process).

  • MIG welders are probably the most widely used type of welding machine on today’s market, ideal for creating quick and clean joints and seals on metal surfaces ranging from thin gauge metal sheets to heavy steel pipes and structural plates.

  • MIG welding involves the welding wire being continually fed to where it’s needed on a spool and is considered a suitable process for working a wide range of metal types including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

There are numerous different techniques available for MIG welding to produce ever-higher quality results and finishes, depending on the type of weld gun being used:

  • Short Circuit Transfer is a type of MIG welding that relies on electricity passing from the welding gun to the metal surface via physical contact from the welding wire, which melts into the joint at fairly low voltages.

  • Globular Transfer welding, conversely, sees the melted wire collecting at the tip of the gun, and then dripping onto the joint - this type of MIG welding requires higher voltages and the use of argon shielding gas.

  • Spray Transfer MIG welding involves the wire is melted and sprayed in a fine mist over the joint, and again requires high voltage with argon gas.
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