Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protective equipment, also known as (PPE) incorporates different types of safety equipment and protective clothing including, gloves, high visibility garments, safety footwear, safety helmets, goggles & safety glasses and spill kits that are designed to protect the person wearing or using them from hazards, infections or injury. Personal Protective Equipment is fundamental to ensuring that people remain safe in the workplace from hazards such as heat, chemical spill, electrical and biohazards.

How can personal protective equipment reduce risk?

Personal protective equipment and clothing must be stored properly and in accordance with regulations. When equipment is not in use it must be stored in a clean and dry area to ensure it stays in good condition, especially if it is reusable.

Some of the most popular areas of PPE within the RS range include:

Disposable & reusable gloves

Gloves offer protection from chemicals, temperature, and electrical hazards. The help protects hands and wrists from different risks. Gloves offer protection against injuries such as burns and cuts. Gloves also help when dealing with prolonged immersion in water, biological agents and chemicals.

Safety shoes & boots

RS has a large range of safety shoes to meet a variety of requirements and regulations in various styles and protection levels to suit your needs and to provide comfort.

Respiratory protection

RS offers a range of reusable respirators and respiratory testing kits. Respiratory protection is important if you are in a confined space or if there is a chance of an oxygen deficiency such as dust or vapours in the work area.

Eye & ear protection

Eye protection is used to protect against risks such as the projection of debris and metal filings from tools, electrical, thermal, radiation and chemical risk. There are different indicators that guarantee different protection levels.

Ear protection is an essential requirement against noise exposure both level and duration of exposure. Different types of ear protection include ear defenders and earplugs. It is important that the right type of equipment is selected to allow for safe noise reduction and communication.

We have a number of brands available such as RS Pro, Bolle, 3M, Peltor, JSP and Honeywell among others to make sure that all your safety requirements are covered.

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