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    Wi-Fi Modules

    WiFi modules (wireless fidelity) also known as WLAN modules (wireless local area network) are electronic components used in many products to achieve a wireless connection to the internet. RS offer an extensive range of high-quality components from leading brands to suit all your development, design and application needs

    What is WIFI?

    WIFI is a type of technology that enables devices including computers mobile devices and other equipment to interface with the internet. The connection is made via a wireless router.

    What are Wi-Fi Modules used for?

    Wireless modules are used in a variety of industrial, scientific, consumer and commercial applications. With Wi-Fi modules, utilities and service providers, as well as their customers, can communicate directly with water heaters, air conditioning systems, thermostats and other electrical products in the home. Typical examples of applications include:

    • Smart meters
    • Home entertainment control
    • Sensor networks
    • Home monitoring and security
    • Real-time location systems
    • Point of Sale (PoS) terminals
    • Location and Asset tracking
    • Toys
    • Home entertainment control
    • Wireless controllers
    • Fitness
    • Remote storage devices
    • IoT

    What are the different types of Wi-Fi Modules?

    Wi-Fi Modules are typically surface mount devices that can be connected to the host Printed Circuit Board (PCB) using solder. There are many kinds of Wi-Fi Modules and they are usually categorised by parameters including Radio Frequency (RF) band, certification, data range, range and packaging type.

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