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    Hinge Switches

    Hinge switches are a type of safety interlock switch fitted at the hinge point of a piece of equipment, such as a door. They work according to the normal function of the hinge, but they are linked up to the power supply and will break the circuit if the door is opened at an inappropriate time. Hinge switches are used to replace traditional door contacts, because they improve safety while still maintaining the same level of operation.

    What are hinge switches used for?

    Hinge switches are used to prevent tampering with equipment and to protect personnel. They monitor people entering hazardous areas. When somebody attempts to open a protected door, the hinge switch will disconnect the power to the equipment inside, so that nobody gets hurt and the machinery cannot be damaged.

    Types of hinge switches

    Different hinge switches are designed for use with different pieces of equipment, so they may differ in size and capacity. The trigger angle range can differ substantially, as well as the maximum current and voltage they can be used with. Some hinge switches can be load-bearing, while others are not.

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