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    Non Contact Safety Switches

    Non-contact safety switches are a type of safety switch that operates without the use of conductive contacts to complete or break the circuit. Instead, they utilise a magnet, transponder or inductor to detect when the power to a machine needs to be cut. They can be used in machine-guarding applications to prevent injury to personnel in hazardous areas.

    What are the advantages of non-contact safety switches?

    Non-contact safety switches can be preferable because they are very long lasting and require minimal maintenance They are also resistant to shock and vibrations, as well as being relatively tamper-proof.

    Types of non-contact safety switches

    Non-contact safety switches may operate using different methods, including by magnet, transponder or inductor. They can also differ in terms of their terminal type, connection type, and crucially, the distance at which the switch will be operated. This determines the level of sensitivity the switch has, and how quickly it will activate when it detects that power needs to be cut.

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