Manometers are compact, portable, digital measurement instruments used across a number of industries and occupations to measure the air pressure, gases pressure or fluids pressure. Theyre handheld, battery operated and have clear digital screens so results can be easily read, even in awkward places or in the bright or dim light. Hi-tech sensors and sophisticated microprocessors give highly accurate readings. Many manometers come with software that allows data to be transferred to laptops, smartphones or tablets for storage or analysis.

What are digital manometers used for?

In commercial, domestic or industrial environments, digital pressure meters are handy tools for carrying out routine pressure tests, for troubleshooting system failures or for seeking out leaks. In refrigeration systems, digital pressure meters can gauge pressure, vacuum and temperature. Alternatively, they can be used to establish flow and static pressure in gas systems, and be used for pressure-drop testing in gas pipes. Digital manometers are suitable for measuring absolute pressure, differential pressure, and gauge pressure. In conjunction with a pitot tube, a manometer can convert pressure readings into air velocity (FPM).

Choosing the right digital pressure meters

Your task and environment will influence your choice of digital pressure meter. Other considerations include minimum and maximum pressure measurement requirements, data logging, port size and the meters suitability for use in hazardous areas.

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Description Price Best Accuracy Calibrated Number of Pressure Ports Maximum Pressure Measurement Minimum Pressure Measurement Pressure Port Type Leak Testing Minimum/Maximum Recordings Data Logging Intrinsically Safe IP Rating Battery Type Display Type Overpressure Maximum
RS Stock No. 850-7672
Mfr. Part No.FLUKE 922
kr 5 813,00
±1 % - - 6psi -6psi Differential - Yes Yes - IP40 AA LCD -
RS Stock No. 287-636
Mfr. Part No.FLUKE 922/KIT
kr 6 803,00
±1% +0.01 mbar - - 40mbar - Differential - Yes Yes - IP40 AA LCD -