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    Boosting Energy Efficiency with SIMATIC

    Boosting Energy Efficiency with SIMATIC


    As environmental sustainability takes center stage in the food and beverage industry, companies are increasingly seeking ways to enhance their production processes while minimizing energy usage. With advancements in field instruments capable of providing real-time data on energy consumption, operators now have the ability to gain full control over their energy usage.

    This case study explores how leveraging this data enables companies to identify inefficiencies, reduce energy consumption, and improve overall production efficiency. Dive into the innovative energy management approach adopted by a leading brewery to enhance efficiency and sustainability across its operations.


    Efficient System Integration with Limited Resources

    Breweries rely heavily on energy-intensive processes to produce high-quality beverages. Seeking to enhance efficiency and adhere to energy regulations, a prominent brewery embarked on a mission to implement a sophisticated energy monitoring and management system. The objective was clear: to optimize energy usage and streamline operations across multiple brewery sites.

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    Advanced Data Analysis to Maximize Energy Efficiency

    To address the complex energy management needs of its breweries, the brewery opted for SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO — an advanced and scalable solution. Led by an experienced team, the implementation commenced at one brewery site, with plans for future expansion. By integrating data acquisition points and leveraging cutting-edge technology, the brewery aimed to achieve unparalleled energy transparency and efficiency.

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    Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Efficiency

    Real-time data acquisition, coupled with comprehensive analyses, enabled the brewery to pinpoint inefficiencies, optimize energy consumption, and realize substantial cost savings. Furthermore, the system's scalability ensured future adaptability, empowering the brewery to maintain its commitment to environmental stewardship and operational excellence.

    Streamlined Integration: Despite resource constraints, the energy management system was swiftly implemented, facilitated by standardized interfaces. This allowed for effortless integration of new measuring points into the system, ensuring ongoing scalability and adaptability.

    Real-Time Reporting: The system generates detailed energy reports every 15 minutes, a significant improvement over the previous monthly manual recording method. Additionally, manual data acquisition is simplified through a user-friendly app. Standardization of acquisition and designation structures further enhances reporting efficiency.

    Energy Savings Compliance: By leveraging the new energy management system, the company achieves compliance with energy efficiency regulations, resulting in a 0.6% reduction in annual energy consumption. This enables the organization to systematically pursue process improvements, driving continuous efficiency gains.

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