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    3M Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

    When it comes to manufacturing pharmaceuticals, 3M knows how to protect you

    3M offers a wide range of health & safety solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that can be used in laboratory, production and maintenance & repair operations.

    Explore 3M's PPE solutions for key pharmaceutical manufacturing applications, encompassing API handling, cleaning, disinfection, and confined spaces. The solutions of 3M aim to safeguard workers from various risks, including chemical exposure, respiratory hazards, and noise, ensuring a safer work environment.

    You can rely on 3M to equip health & safety professionals with personal protective equipment solutions for the multi-faceted world of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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    3M PPE solutions for pharmaceutical hazards

    Biological agents are playing a greater role in pharmaceutical production. Protecting employees and minimising product contamination requires a robust approach to health and safety. 3M provides a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment, expertise and support in respiratory, body and hearing safety.

    Find out how 3M supports safety in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Most Common Hazards in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing poses a number of hazards to the health and safety of employees. Some of the most common risks include respiratory hazards, noise exposure, skin exposure, eye and face injuries and ignition hazards.

    Explore 3M's effective health and safety products designed to prevent these hazards.

    Personal safety equipments

    Personal protective equipment to deal with the challenging hazards of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), including highly potent APIs with an OEL lower than 1μg/m3.

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    Protective clothing

    Single-use protective clothing to address health and safety risks associated with the manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals.

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    Highlighted products

    3M™ Disposable Respirators

    Disposable Respirators

    Comfort, FFP2/FFP3 protection and with Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve. Models such as 9330+ reduce fogging on the goggles; 1883+ ensures easy FFP3 use.

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    3M™ Reusable Masks

    Reusable Masks

    Simple, comfortable, reliable. Intuitive filter attachment for easy and secure fit, ensuring better worker protection.

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     3M™ Protective Coveralls

    Protective Coveralls

    Lightweight and strong multi-layer coverall. Made from a breathable and soft material that protects against static electricity and dangerous particles

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    PELTOR™ LiteCom Headsets

    PELTOR™ LiteCom Headsets

    3M PELTOR™ LiteCom Headsets are our hearing protectors with a built-in pre-programmed two-way communication environments to help you communicate efficiently over hazardous noise.

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    PELTOR™ Earmuffs

    PELTOR™ Earmuffs

    Comfortable and durable hearing protection with colour-coded SNRs so you can easily find the correct protection level.

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    3M VHB™ Tapes

    VHB™ Tapes

    Designed to create durable and reliable bonds for high temperatures and multi material bonding.

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    Design Spark - Ask the Expert with 3M

    Ask The Expert - How to find the right respiratory mask?

    Respiratory health is crucial, especially with ill-fitting equipment. Beards highlight the need for the right respirator. Inadequate gear leads to 12,000 annual deaths. At RS safety is paramount. Joining us is George Elliott, 3M's Senior Applications Engineer, to discuss proper respiratory gear and its vital role in worker safety.

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