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    At RS, we are focused on developing the next generation of world leading engineers. Working with Universities across the world, we are partnering with education providers to build skills and help foster innovative solutions that improve lives. We believe that people and innovation are the key to driving a more sustainable and inclusive world. Engineers, innovators and technologies are the beating heart of the global industrial sector, solving some of the world's most pressing challenges every single day and working to help make amazing happen.

    OUR 2030 GOALS

    We provide accessible educational technologies, inspirational learning content and immersive skills development opportunities to help students embark on an exciting future career in technology or engineering.

    Young Engineers and Students reached through educational programmes, products and DesignSpark platform since 2020/21.

    Engineers and Innovators engaged in purpose-driven innovation initiatives since 2020/21.

    Lives improved through The Washing Machine Project.



    Formula Student

    Have you got the drive to succeed?

    For over 20 years, Universities from around the world have competed to design, build and race a formula one style race car in the Formula Student Challenge. As the competition gets stronger every year, RS is proud to sponsor a number of teams who are competing to be best of the best...

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    The Washing Machine Project

    The Washing Machine Project is RS Group’s global charity partner. They provide displaced and low-income communities with accessible, off-grid washing machines that help reduce the burden of handwashing and empower women to take charge of their lives. We are supporting them to improve the lives of 100,000 people around the world.

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    Youth & Community

    Our Education team is a dedicated team, focused on empowering youth in the engineering and technology space. They support and develop engineering students and young people across the globe, helping them bridge that education and experience gap, between university and the workplace.

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    RS DesignSpark

    RS DesignSpark

    DesignSpark is an online community of over 1.3 million students, educators, makers and hobbyists, start ups, professional engineers and tech suppliers from all around the world. Their design resources improve productivity, accelerate the design process and promote engineering responsibility.

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    RS PRO

    RS PRO

    RS PRO, the own brand of RS, offers the largest choice in the industry, covering all technologies and working environments, we can combine products into integrated solutions to make our customers' professional lives easier. Simplifying procurement, ensuring unrivalled value and efficiency.

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