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    Harmony universal LED block for all 6 colours on control posts

    Speed up the design and production of your control panels

    With the Harmony universal LED block, you can easily get any colours you want on your control panel.

    Schneider Electric introduces the Harmony Universal LED block

    Panel and machine builders are always looking for ways to design and build control panels faster and more efficiently, maximising panel performance and achieving faster delivery times.

    To address this, Schneider Electric has developed a universal LED module for its entire Harmony XB4 plastic and XB5 metal series. This makes the Harmony product range easier to integrate into your control panels and can also lead to cost savings on inventory. The universal LED module replaces a total of six individual color LED modules, preventing errors during assembly and reducing the need to stock multiple products.

    The new universal LED module features a new technology with 2 LEDs instead of 1. This enhances color intensity on your panels and provides better differentiation between different colors, whether the control panel is on or off.

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    Harmony LED Mounting collar

    Mounting collar

    The attachment collar of Harmony XB4 features a universal LED. This makes them applicable with the enhanced colour lenses.

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    An unprecedented efficiency boost for control panels

    With the Harmony universal LED block, say goodbye to mounting errors between the right colour LED blocks and lenses.

    This new technology makes it possible to fit all desired colours to your control panels with just one universal LED block.

    You do so with fewer different references, resulting in improved colour intensity on your panels.

    The Harmony universal LED block: How does it work?

    See in this instructional video, how to use the universal LED block, to optimize all the illuminated functions on your control panel.

    Unprecedented efficiency for control panels

    Harmony LED USP schema