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    Driving Down Energy Costs with Acoustic Imaging

    Driving Down Energy Costs with Acoustic Imaging

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    In today's challenging economic climate, businesses are grappling with soaring energy expenses. Amidst mounting costs and uncertain futures, industries worldwide are seeking innovative solutions to curb consumption and streamline expenditures. Get into the world of acoustic imaging - an invaluable tool offering manufacturers a lifeline in the fight against escalating operating costs and maintenance expenses.

    Why are air leaks so expensive?

    As energy prices soar to nearly double since 2021, businesses confront unprecedented hurdles in controlling operational costs and maintaining competitiveness. Inefficient machinery and undetected air leaks further compound these challenges, driving up energy consumption, decreasing productivity, and escalating maintenance expenses. The financial repercussions of unaddressed air leaks are dire, leading to substantial energy wastage, significant financial losses, and hampering efforts to enhance profitability.

    The Cost of Air Leaks:

    • Wasted Energy: Approximately 80% of energy in a compressor system is lost through heat dissipation, with up to a third of usable energy lost to leaks, resulting in exorbitant energy bills.
    • Production Disruption: Air leaks can lead to equipment malfunction and production downtime, disrupting workflow and delaying deliveries, leading to lost revenue opportunities.
    • Equipment Damage: Air leaks can cause damage to machinery and equipment, necessitating costly repairs and replacements, further adding to operational expenses.
    • Safety Hazards: Air leaks pose safety risks to personnel and equipment, potentially leading to accidents, injuries, and regulatory fines, compounding financial losses.

    Cost saving with FLIR's Acoustic Imaging Technology

    • Cutting-Edge Technology: The FLIR Si124 range utilizes advanced acoustic imaging technology, including high-spec audible and ultrasound microphones, to detect air leaks with unparalleled accuracy.
    • Optimal Bandwidth Range: With a bandwidth range of 2 - 65 kHz, the FLIR Si124 ensures precise detection down to even the smallest breaches, minimizing false positives and maximizing detection efficiency.
    • Swift Identification and Resolution: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the FLIR Si124 enables prompt identification and resolution of air leaks, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
    • Real-Time Cost Analysis: Projective algorithms in the FLIR Si124 estimate leak costs in real-time, providing actionable insights to optimize maintenance strategies and achieve substantial cost savings.

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    Choose the Right Si-Series Model

    Would you like to know, which model suits to your needs? Curious about the benefits of acoustic imaging for your business? Wondering when your investment will start paying off? Reach out to your customer relationship manager or local sales team today to schedule a discussion! Request for FLIR's exclusive Return on Investment calculator to know more.