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    RS Calibration 

    RS Calibration 

    The accuracy of your equipment are business-critical. Leave no margin for error with RS Calibration.

    Inaccurate measurements can impact on quality, safety, and cost.

    With decades of experience in calibrating new equipment, our UKAS-accredited laboratory fine-tunes your instruments to minimise the risk of inaccurate measurements.

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    64% of companies don’t have a strategy in place for the calibration of test & measurement equipment*

    *Source: 2022 Indirect Procurement Report: RS & the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

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    Our Laboratory

    We offer three types of certifications:

    • RS Standard – traceable national standards
    • UKAS accredited – recognised as the industry mark of quality internationally
    • SYSCAL stands for SYStem CALibration, which means that more than one instrument is calibrated together. E.g. a temperature probe and a measuring instrument.

    As a UKAS ISO:17025 accredited lab, we are regularly audited to ensure end-to-end compliance.

    Calibration of new products

    Our range of Test & Measurement instruments encompasses more than 75 brands, all stocked and ready for delivery. Select from over 4,000 instruments that we can calibrate for dispatch within 3-7 working days.

    At our website you can see the prices for respectively RSCAL and UKAS calibrated products.

    Re-calibration Service

    Get you instruments re-calibrated at our UKAS ISO:17025 accredited laboratory.

    Re-calibration is a chargeable RS service. All prices include minor repairs, cleaning & replacement of batteries.

    When we receive your request, we will make a quote, and forward it to you for your approval.

    When our laboratory recieves the instruments, you should expect that we deliver them back to your site within 5 working days.


    You can choose if you want RS to arrange collection of the instruments at your site or if you want to send your instruments to our laboratory yourself.

    RS manage the shipment

    • You will receive an email from RS with labels for shipment and a date when the instruments will be picked up
    • RS books one of our preferred carriers, who collects within 1-2 days. You pack the instruments and deliver to the carrier
    • RS will manage all documents and customs
    • The freight costs will be visible at your quote

    You manage the shipment

    • You are free to choose your own carrier. If you want to send it yourself, you must select that option in the registration form, including whether you want an offer or place an order. Alternatively, you can write to We will send you the address.

    It will take 5 days from the instruments are being received at our laboratory to they will be delivered at your address.

    Calibration is the measure of success

    Learn how RS Calibration gives you confidence in your equipment.