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    RS Calibration 

    RS Calibration 

    The accuracy of your equipment are business-critical. Leave no margin for error with RS Calibration.

    Inaccurate measurements can impact on quality, safety, and cost.

    With decades of experience in calibrating new equipment, our UKAS-accredited laboratory fine-tunes your instruments to minimise the risk of inaccurate measurements.

    64% of companies don’t have a strategy in place for the calibration of test & measurement equipment*

    *Source: 2022 Indirect Procurement Report: RS & the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

    Our Laboratory

    We offer three types of certifications:

    • RS Standard – traceable tonational standards
    • UKAS accredited – recognised as the industry mark of quality internationally
    • SYSCAL stands for SYstem CALibration, which means that more than one instrument is calibrated together. E.g. a temperature probe and a measuring instrument.

    As a UKAS ISO:17025 accredited lab, we are regularly audited to ensure end-to-end compliance.

    Calibration of new products

    Our range of Test & Measurement instruments encompasses more than 75 brands, all stocked and ready for delivery. Select from over 4,000 instruments that we can calibrate for dispatch within 3-7 working days.

    Calibration is the measure of success

    Learn how RS Calibration gives you confidence in your equipment.