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    Oil analysis

    RS PRO Oil Test and Analysis Service

    A high quality and easy to use oil testing analysis.

    RS PRO Oil Test and Analysis

    The test and analysis can be used to monitor the condition of lubricating oil, especially as part of your preventative maintenance, and can help you reducing unwanted and costly downtime. Operating in accordance with the universal ASTM and ISO standards, a convenient oil, fluid, and specialist analysis testing service is available for our customers in Norway.

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    Poor or inadequate lubrication is the primary cause of 70% of industrial equipment wear and failure.*

    *Source: Ken Bannister “State of the Lubrication Nation”

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    How can the RS PRO Oil Test and Analysis help you?

    By providing a testing service, unscheduled and costly downtime can be minimized or avoided, either as part of a single test and analysis exercise or an ongoing lubricant monitoring program.

    In turn, this can reduce your repair and change out expenses, while improving productivity and maximizing output by extending the life of your equipment.

    Long term preventative maintenance monitoring can increase cost savings and profits while feeding data that can contribute to trend identification and rectifying potential problems before they become more serious and costly issues.

    Advantages using the RS PRO Oil test and analysis

    Identify issues

    By using the RS PRO Oil Test & Analysis service, the condition and contents of the lubricating oil can easily and reliably be identified before it becomes a serious issue that could result in unwanted downtime. The RS PRO oil sampling kit and testing service can identify issues like:

    • Adverse mechanical wear
    • Oil health
    • Moisture ingress
    • Lubricant contamination

    What is the proces?

    • The fluid sample is extracted using the kit
    • The oil sample pot is posted to the lab
    • The RS PRO Lab analyses samples
    • The data is reviewed and interpreted, and the final analysis report is compiled and then returned to the customer within 7 working days of receipt of the sample by our laboratory

    What do the standard test include?

    • Visual Inspection - Visually review color, haziness, suspended solids and layering
    • Elemental Analysis by ICP-OES - Spectral analysis to determine wear metals, additives, contaminants and more
    • Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C - Identify grade mismatches, thermal degradation and additive
    • AN (Acid Number) - Determines acidity and oxidation
    • Water Content - Assess degree of moisture ingress from water
    • Ferrous debris (PQ) - Gives an overview of iron-based content
    • Particle Count (ISO4406) - Cleanliness of the oil (hydraulic systems only)

    What are the costs?

    You can choose to ship your oil test in two different ways.

    RS manage and pay for the shipment

    • Two oil test in the same shipment incl. of bottles costs kr. 1 195.
    • If you need an extra test the price is kr. 350 per test
    • You will receive an email from RS with labels for shipment and a date when the test will be picked up
    • RS books one of our preferred carriers, which collects within 1-2 days. You pack the test and deliver to the carrier

    You manage the shipment

    • The price for two oil test is kr. 695 (incl. of bottles).
    • Extra test still costs kr. 350 per test
    • You are free to choose your own carrier. Send to:
      • RS Integrated Supply – Oil sample testing Laboratory
      • Lenton Lane
      • Nottingham
      • Nottinghamshire
      • NG7 2NR
      • United Kingdon
      • Contact: Rob Webster

    It will take 4-7 days from the test being received at our laboratory to the report being received by e-mail to you.