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    You are always welcome to contact our local sales team to get help in optimising your purchases, freeing up your time to handle the most important thing – running your business.

    We cover the entire country and our sales team can either help you by phone or pay a visit at your site. Call us at 64 83 40 00 or write to us at kunde@rsonline.no.

    Østlandet (eastern Norway) and Sørlandet (southern Norway)

    Julie S. Synvis

    Internal Key Account Manager

    E-mail: julie.synvis@rsgroup.com

    Phone: 64 83 40 09

    Julie handles customers in Østlandet & Sørlandet but was originally born in Alta (North Norway) to a Danish mother & Norwegian father.

    She has since lived in the north of Sweden, Trøndelag, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark which has benefitted her Nordic customers through the years.

    She has a broad experience from working with Promotional goods, Medico and Stone wool insulation.

    Julie believes in open communication, building relationships and finding the best solution to keep all parties involved satisfied.

    When she´s not taking care of our customers,  Julie divides her time between family & friends, artistic and physical pursuits to name a few.


    Susana Perez

    Key Account Manager

    E-mail: susana.perez@rsgroup.com 

    Phone: 90 17 26 51

    Susana worked as a technician for 14 years before moving on to sales in 1999 and joining RS in 2011. With her technical background, Susana offers great support to our customers and has good insight into and understanding of the customer's everyday life. At the same time, she also challenges the status quo where there is a need to reduce costs. With her deep insight into RS’ offerings, she will quickly identify how this best can be tailored to the individual's needs, corresponding to the solutions provided by RS; be it in electronics, automation, fishing, offshore. In her spare time,

    Susana devotes herself to family, friends, ice-bathing and other outdoor activities.


    Vestlandet (western Norway) from Egersund to Kristiansund

    Gorm Edner

    Internal Key Account Manager

    E-mail:   gorm.edner@rsgroup.com 

    Phone:   +47 64 83 40 05

    Gorm handles the customers in the area Vestlandet. When doing business with Gorm you can be sure to get the right solution the first time. He has a broad experience – from the retail business to a position as Purser. Gorm attaches great importance to an open and equal dialogue as well as working closely together with his customers. Gorm is born and raised in Oslo but has also lived in Belgrade and Malmö.

    When not helping RS customers Gorm is being creative with coding and programming.


    Lars Barstad

    Key Account Manager

    E-mail: lars.barstad@rsgroup.com 

    Phone: 90 98 01 36

    Meet our man in Western Norway, Lars Barstad: He has a long and exciting past in sales and technology. Lars has a wonderfully enthusiastic personality that becomes evident when you meet him in person. Lars will be happy to pay you a visit, to help you as a customer optimize and consolidate your purchases.

    Nord-Norge (northern Norway) and Trøndelag

    Shafee Sabtow

    Internal Key Account Manager

    E-mail:   shafee.sabtow@rsgroup.com 

    Phone:   +47 64 83 40 06 

    Shafee is originally educated as an electrician but found out that his real passion is about sales and service and not least meeting and identifying the customer’s needs. He brings great experience from both sales and service and latest from RS Customer Service Team. Shafee is quite persistent meaning that the customer will always get the best solution – this is what keeps Shafee motivated. He is a great listener and enjoys walking that extra mile for the customer.

    When Shafee is not in the office solving the customers’ challenges, he enjoys spending time with family and friends – and very important not to forget to mention football.


    Robin Aanes

    Key Account Manager

    E-mail: robin.aanes@rsgroup.com 

    Phone: 46 89 75 83

    This is Robin, our External Sales Executive stretching all the way from the middle of Norway to the top within our beautiful northern parts. He always meets his customers with a big smile and great curiosity. Robin brings with him a Bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Business Development. He has a very versatile background professionally, stretching from Key Account Management in the area of ITS and Parking, HR & recruitment, public tenders within the complexity of fiber and broadband solutions to several years as a HVAC tech. He has a well developed understanding of business as a process, and focuses to always ensure that all parties involved are satisfied. 

    When he is not taking care of our customers he enjoys action thrilled activities, family adventures in the woods or relaxing on the sea. Give him a call, he would love to come and visit!


    Sales Support Scandinavia

    Marianne Kristensen

    Sales Support Scandinavia

    E-mail: marianne.kristensen@rsgroup.com 

    Phone: +45 38 16 99 55

    Marianne's great passion is galloping horses and she is a very competitive person. She has several years of experience in sales. You will probably hear from Marianne from time to time whether you are a new or an existing customer, because she wants to know if everything works as it should when you order from RS.

    Sales Director Scandinavia

    Kim Schrøder

    Email: kim.schroder@rsgroup.com

    Phone: +45 21 53 05 29

    Kim is our Sales Director in Scandinavia. He has a background as an electrician and in combination with his long experience in leadership and sales within electricity, mechanics and automation, he has the right background to set the direction for our sales organization in Scandinavia.

    Kim's focus is on creating relationships and services that add value to our customers.

    When Kim is not at work, he spends time with his family, at his vacation home and/or on the golf course.

    Internal Sales Manager - Scandinavia

    Tue Lauritzen

    Mail: tue.lauritzen@rsgroup.com

    Phone: 5150 4748

    Tue has been a part of RS for many years. Tue started his career at RS as Internal Key Account Manager and became later external Key Account Manager for Sealand. Today, Tue is responsible for the Scandinavian team of Internal Key Account Managers, and he is always ready to help both customers and colleagues.

    When not at work, Tue devotes his time to guitar, golf, padel and his family.

    Corporate Account Manager

    Atle Eriksen

    E-mail: atle.eriksen@rsgroup.com 

    Phone: 47 71 02 65

    Value for you as customer and a close working relationship are key elements in Atle’s daily work. He thrives with solution selling and strives to find the right solution ensuring value for the customers, both technically and commercially. Atle used to work as an electrician but his hunger for new knowledge took over and he decided to become an engineer in Computer Engineering. Following Atle has worked as a System Engineer, sales engineer, project manager, country manager Iceland, among other things.

    When Atle is not working he likes to watch football – and has finally realized that he is better as a spectator than playing himself. He is also very fond of music and goes to concerts as often as possible, and finally he is the father of four children.


    Internal Corporate Account- & Bid Managers Scandinavia

    Malene Rosenbeck

    Mail: malene.rosenbeck@rsgroup.com 

    Telefon: +45 38 16 98 45

    Malene handles the administrative tasks from the office in Copenhagen, and together with the local Corporate Managers she supports the largest Scandinavian customers. Malene is a team player, as they jointly create successful trade agreements for both customers and RS components. With her high energy level, a good mood is created, and you can not get past without getting a laugh along the way. In addition to her work, Malene studies HD Communication and Strategy at CBS.

    When time is not spent in the office or at the school desk, she is out on the water in the family sailboat, in the gym, or with friends and family.


    Kenneth Dall

    Mail: kenneth.dall@rsgroup.com 

    Telefon: +45 29 34 05 66

    Based in the Copenhagen office, Kenneth supports our major customers together with the local Scandinavian Corporate Account Managers. Kenneth has worked at RS for many years and has a deep knowledge of customers and the services offered by RS.

    Kenneth's great passion - in addition to happy customers - is being a supporter of a certain successful Danish football club – come hell or high water. Kenneth’s day is  made when there’s a win-win situation between the customer and RS.